As it was already mentioned, according to our approach we examine the person as the whole system, and we pay a huge attention to the emotional and energetic state of the person in the environment.

Our approach takes into account not only the features typical for Chinese medicine, but the other specialists’ works as well. Psychosomatry (“psych” is for soul and “somat” is for body) is an important factor, especially at the level of pre-medical diagnostics. We can definitely distinguish the psychological type of ones who suffer from stomach ulcer or thyroid gland, high blood pressure sufferers or diabetic patients. We are fully aware of the way our temper influences our diseases and the way our emotions make up our body.

It is known that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and all people are different as well as their body parts and organ features etc.

We were born and raised in different families, countries, environment, different climates, so we have different lifestyles, habits and preferences.

There are also a lot of different diseases people suffer from: diabetes, migraine or lifelong kidney problem etc. Someone sleeps with air-condition on and feels good, but a lot of people can go sick at once.

Some of our features are inherited, some are acquired, but all of them play a huge role in our daily life.

For instance, if a kid has been scared, they can start suffering from enuresis; depression can be the reason of lung problems etc. To cut the long story short, strong negative emotions (anger, fear, apathy, rage, depression and so on) cause hormone and mediator ejection which can affect cardiovascular, excitatory or immune systems violating organ and tissues trophism, so it can lead to further abnormalities.

Our program provides you with a wide range of services, such as: psychocorrection, meditations and hypnotherapy. It can automatically help have many health issues solved and prevent some problems at the pre-medical level. The program helps you return or gain life happiness or become the best version of yourself. You are provided with the special techniques of giving up bad habits (smoking, alcohol addiction, eating or obsessive-compulsory disorders etc).

One more time, I would like to emphasize the complex of our programs is directed to a full recovery or sustained remission which makes the whole process much cheaper.

To tell the truth, the treating process itself is not easy at all, on the contrary, you might experience some kind of aggravations or deteriorations. It requires hard work and patience of both the doctor and patient to achieve a desired result. You can definitely be sure, having work done you will be extremely happy with the result!