We are not trying to deny pharmacology, on the contrary, we successfully apply this approach if there is an evidence and indication.

We always discuss what kind of the result we would like to get - permanent or temporary; what kind of activities the patient should do and what kind of sacrifices they should make from their side, because only our mutual work helps to archive the best result for every situation individually.

If we have a problem, we always have a number of tools to resolve this problem.

For example, if you want to lose your weight, there are some options for you:

 ⁃ to go to the gym,

 ⁃ to go on a diet,

 ⁃ to use various medicines,

 ⁃ to use a service of liposuction,

- to have a gastric sleeve or a gastric balloon made,

- to use herbal medicine,

- to use a service of hypnosis, etc.

Whatever you chose is completely your choice, according to your preferences, perception, beliefs, time frame, budget, and of course indications and contraindications.

Our job is to show you various options and to pick, out of the given issues, the best one that is rational for you. The choice is yours!