The principles of the apparatus are based on the reflex effect of low-frequency electronic pulses on cutaneous receptors (biologically active zones) and membranes of living cells. In this case, there is an expansion of capillaries, improvement of blood circulation, restoration of the cells, stimulation of activity and release of enzymes, protein synthesis, improvement of metabolism, as well as trophic and regenerative processes. The signals are transmitted to inner organs through nerve receptors and this action leads to the anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects of the devices.

Parkes devices are included in the register of medical equipment of Ukraine, are produced on the basis of a modern elemental base and do not require a constant source of electricity, they operate on an autonomous power supply, which creates the most favorable conditions for the exploitation and usage of the devices in the medical practice.




The basic principle of therapy


The key features

A new generation device produced and tested with the method of functional testing based on resonance and using the latest achievements of medicine, physics, biology. It includes 923 programs.

The device of electrodynamic regulation of the body “Parkes - Medicus” is designed for harmonization and correction of the functional state of the body in the outpatient and inpatient organizations, as well as for individual usage at home.

 The device options allow non-contact (through infrared LEDs) and contact (through external electrodes) effects on the human body, as well as on drinking water and food.

Through the conducting systems of the body (nerve, connective optical fibers, etc.) electromagnetic impulses transfer from skin receptors to the organs and systems whose physiological frequency corresponds to the frequency of the pulses emitted by the device. In this case, there is an improvement in blood circulation, microcirculation, the release of enzymes, protein synthesis, an improvement in metabolism, as well as trophic and regenerative processes, cell restoration, which lead to a quick anti-inflammatory, decongestant, antispasmodic, regenerative effects, as well as inhibition of parasite activity due to the immunity improvement.

The device is portable and multifunctional, designed for physiotherapy procedures, both for therapeutic and for prophylactic purposes. The device generates electromagnetic pulses that contribute to the effective correction of homeostasis, electrical stimulation, anesthesia in painful areas of the body.

Device options:

-Infrared therapy;

-Electromagnetic therapy;

-Electro - and neurostimulating therapy;

-Microcurrent therapy;



-Electric sleep;

-Hardware cosmetology;

-Acupuncture point galvanophoresis;

-Production of dipole structured water for internal use.

The E-programs are set into the memory of the device; they do not require connecting the device to external devices, which increases safety and usability.

 The spectrum of biological burdening -159

There are general antiparasitic programs and antiparasitic programs according to the classes of pathogens - viruses, bacteria, mycoses, helminths, ticks, protozoa, elimination of toxins.

There is an extended therapeutic section which includes: organ physiological and drainage programs that regulate the work of the cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, immune, endocrine and other body systems in various diseases.

Technical advantages are simplicity and accessibility of a usage, original design; touch keyboard provides long-term usage of the buttons. The new generation liquid crystal display with an increased screen dimension displays the name, program numbers and time period. The lithium-ion battery, inbuilt into the device with a full charge of up to 4 hours, provides quick charging of the device. The weight of the device is 130 grams.

Any human organ consists of cells, and each cell contains a membrane (a coat), which plays the most important role in metabolic processes. In order to force the affected organ to heal itself, it is necessary to force it to accelerate all metabolic processes at the cellular level, causing the cell membrane to oscillate with a certain frequency. Studies have shown that cell membranes have a weak surface charge.

Taking this feature into account, they can be forced to oscillate with the impact of an external electromagnetic field. The cell membranes of various organs and body tissues have their own frequency for each type of cells. By exposing the membranes to their own vibrational frequency, a carrying capacity of a cell increases.

Thus, Parkes affects on the human organ with an external electromagnetic field with the frequency of natural vibrations of the cell membranes, rapidly increasing the work of the organ (without affecting others), which rapidly accelerates all metabolic and reсovering processes and the elimination of toxins. Under these circumstances, there is no need to take any medicines.