The activity of the human organism is associated with electrical and electromagnetic radiation, the sources of which are muscle, bioelectric, and metabolic activity. On the ground of this data the idea of ​​studying the ranges of electromagnetic frequencies typical for different living organisms arose.

During the meticulous work, which took several decades, the frequency ranges of all living organisms were studied and recorded, which allowed us to separate into the certain groups the frequencies characteristic of the normal activity of human organs and tissues, as well as the frequencies of metabolic processes of pathogens of various diseases: viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc. In total, more than 150 thousand types of pathogens were demarcated, whose electromagnetic frequencies differ from the frequency range of the human body. These exact studies have indicated the way to the development of a fundamentally new, effective, and safe method for diagnosing and treating a person without the usage of medicines.

From the point of view of many researchers, in favor of the bioresonance method testing is evidenced by its non-invasiveness, safety, speed, profitability, and practical convenience both for the patient and for the medical staff. This examination helps to determine the cause of the disease and start prevention on time, fix pre-pathological state, when there are still no clinical pieces of evidences of the disease. This method fully satisfies the requirements of preventive medicine, which is recognized as currently central to ​​modern healthcare.

Based on the results of rapid testing, the selection of procedures is performed, allowing to correct already arisen states of disadaptoses by using non-toxic and “soft” medicines. In accordance with the result testing, it is possible to form individual programs of a patient`s recovery (with the following monitoring of the effectiveness) using a wide spectrum of allopathic, homeopathic, physiotherapeutic, and naturopathic aids.

This method is based on measuring the electric potential of biologically active points of the left hand. Each point is responsible for a specific organ or system, so you get a complete analysis of your body. Unlike an examination in a hospital, the result is not compared with the standards but with YOUR own standard level (personal standard value), which significantly increases the accuracy of the results. The examination is carried out on the modern equipment for functional electrodynamic diagnostics of the body according to the method approved by the Ministry of Health and Care Services of Ukraine.

As a result, you will receive:

- the health card for all organs and systems;

- the identification of the causes of your health complaints and medical diagnoses;

- the individual selection of eco-treatments for the effective recovery of the body

 +  personal medical advice on nutrition, lifestyle, disease prevention.

Using BR diagnostics, we will be able to:

• produce the screening for latent infections;

 • determine the viral-bacterial burden;

 • conduct the diagnostics on organs and systems;

 • carry out the laboratory methods for studying the body by a non-invasive method;

 • determine the functional disorders in the human body with the screening method for 5-7 minutes;

 • determine food intolerance and etc.





The principle

of bio resonance diagnostics