The trick of life is to die young, but as late as possible...

- Chinese proverb


Integrative healthcare services

"The only question I asked was how to make the body system work as perfect as it used to!”

We are the unique and innovative medical service that contains several different approaches as western and integrative medicine aimed to identify the reasons and real causes of the disease and its subsequent resolution.

The founder of “The Integrative Health Care Services” Dr. Anastasia Korobai is a passionate doctor from Ukraine, a specialist in Family Medicine, who does not give up on

THE IDEA TO GET RID OF lifelong pharmaceutical therapy with her patients and own health state practice.

Unfortunately, western medicine does not give all the answers in treating people successfully, it offers lifelong pharmacological treatment in numerous cases.

Basically, the regular approach provides only temporary results and sometimes gives mild  improvement. Lack of the answers and increment of questions have given a push to find alternative solutions.

We have been searching and testing  many different methods, technics,  from different  countries, and different specialists for many years. And now we are able to introduce you our combined unique approach that really works.

The main idea of “The Integrative Healthcare  Services” is to consider the person as  the whole system in the environment and to provide an absolutely individual approach with further results, monitoring and support.

It is known that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and all people are different as well as their body parts and organ features etc.

We were born and raised in different families, countries, environment, different climates, so we have different lifestyles, habits and preferences.

Some of our features are inherited, some - are acquired, but all of them play a huge role in our daily life.

Someone suffers from diabetes, someone has a lifelong kidney problem, or migraines. The list of differences can be extended, thus, as the doctors, we have to take it into consideration, not just following the protocols prescribing medicines.

We always discuss what kind of result we would like to get - permanent or temporary,

what kind of activities and sacrifices the patient should do from his side, because only Our mutual work helps to archive the best result for every situation individually.




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